The Versatile Seed Starting Medium

Our compressed Coco Neem pellets are an excellent alternate to Peat pellets as a Seed starting medium for all types of seeds, Green Houses and Hydroponics propagation.

The peat pellets are which are not environmental friendly. But on the other hand our coco peat pellets are 100 % Organic and eco friendly Pellets are made from coconut husk dust and compressed with easily biodegradable cotton nets.


  • Faster germination rate
  • Excellent air porosity
  • Excellent water retention
  • Environmentally friendly

Coco peat pellets specifications

  • Pellet Size- Æ 42mm x 6mm ±2mm
  • Pellet weight - 6 g
  • Pellet Volume compression ratio- 5:1


  • Packing of 25 pellets in one Pack
  • Packing of 1000 pellets in one carton box
  • Also as required by customers


Our Coco peat pellet make the seedlings grow with stronger and more fibrous roots due its high Water retaining Capacity and high Air Filled Porosity.

The germination ratings used with coco peat pellets are very high and faster.

Why coco peat instead of peat?
Everybody will agree that we have the responsibility to save our planet from Global warming and change in climatic conditions.
Peat-bogs are precious habitats right across Europe and worldwide, and we should now be going peat-free as a matter of urgency.
Around the world, overuse of peat moss by gardeners and others has led to environmental concerns
Peat extraction comes from a rare and endangered habitat.
Peat bogs contribute to the welfare
Of all living things by 'locking up'
Carbon that would otherwise increase the greenhouse effect.
Coco peat is a successful natural and viable alternative to mined peat moss. Therefore using coco peat helps slow down peat extraction .